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Here, we've taken great care to outline some of our favorite barefoot and minimalist resources. If you know of a website or organization we should add to this ongoing list, please do contact us. We ask for a nominal fee of US $29 per year, per listing that helps keep everything up and running. Plus, we do more than list you here. We'll be mentioning you in our vast social networks, doing reviews, and trying to promote you as much as we can. Beyond this list, for those who would like to market their product or website on our entire site alongside our social platforms (and thereby reach tens of thousands of barefoot and minimalist enthusiasts), we have several barefoot advertising packages available.
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Other Super Shoeless Sites to Tread
Barefoot Running Girl Podcast
Run Barefoot Girl
Dedicated to all the barefoot running ladies out there! And, a great podcast to boot (er bare!)
The site of renowned barefoot runner, Angie Bee
Barefoot Angie Bee
Another great site with reviews, news, and wonderful musings about going at it bare.