Invisible Shoe Becomes Xero

by Editor on July 30, 2012

Invisible Shoe is rebranding itself as Xero Shoes. Having sold  22,000 pairs of Invisible Shoes to people in over 72 countries, founder Steven Sashen is renaming his Boulder, CO based company and taking a new focus on retail. This two year old company has found success as the most minimal running shoe available – a proprietary [...]


Gear Review: ZemGear Terra Ninja Split Toes

by Editor on July 23, 2012

Ariele M. Huff   At 62, I run, play, and live barefoot and in minimal shoes.  Aside from running and walking, I play some outdoor sports like basketball, do yoga daily, and some martial arts. Those activities are done either barefoot, in Vibram Classic Frescas, or in minimal tennis shoes. I’ve never owned split toes but [...]

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Barefoot Running with Dogs

by Editor on July 17, 2012

Barefoot running and dogs are intertwined for me. My dogs have been a major excuse for lots of time walking and running. That means a lot of my running is done in dog parks or dog friendly places. Naturally, I meet many dogs in bare or minimally clad feet. I look for the best spots—good [...]


Introducing Barefoot Running, The Movie

by Editor on July 13, 2012

Barefoot Running had the opportunity to chat with Michael Sandler, co-founder  (with now-wife Jessica Lee) of RunBare, to learn about their new ground-breaking movie, Barefoot Running, The Movie. More than a how-to, this movie is proof in image of the beauty of nature and the power of connecting with the self through the process running [...]


Gear Review: Vibram Five Fingers Classic Fresca

by Editor July 11, 2012

I am 62 and have run barefoot off and on all my life in a number of situations and on various surfaces, recently especially forest trail, beach, and concrete. I run and walk in spurts with my dog at least five times a week and cover from one to five miles per day. My walking [...]

Less Shoe for Less Cost

by Editor June 15, 2012

kigo footwear, which positions itself as “minimalist footwear for the barefoot lifestyle” is launching a limited-time historic clearance sale today. Offering everything on the site for 50%, wearers can get some of the most purely minimalist shoes on the market for as little as $25. kigo footwear features: zero drop 2mm outsole/2mm insole anatomically shaped [...]

Infographic: Free Your Feet

by Editor June 13, 2012
Free Your Feet

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Gear Review: Youth Vibram Five Fingers Speed

by Editor June 7, 2012

For this review of the Youth Vibram Five Fingers Speed model, we interviewed the wearer. Andrew is nine years old and a very active boy! He loves to run around after school, bike ride and skateboard. He usually wears Nike sneakers.   BFR:  How was the fit? A:  Overall, they felt a little skinny. The [...]

Grounded – A Poem

by Editor May 31, 2012

~Ariele M. Huff 

Get Smart: Lose the Shoes

by Editor May 30, 2012

As you probably know, the largest organ of our body is our skin. What you might not know is that our skin is actually made up of three different types of skin: Hairy Skin, Mucocutaneous Skin and Glabrous Skin. Hairy Skin is the kind of skin that covers most of our body (though maybe some [...]

Gear Review: Youth Vibram Five Fingers KSO

by Editor May 29, 2012

Reviewer Profile My name is Sam; I’m 9 years old. When I started wearing these awesome shoes, it felt a bit uncomfortable. I usually wear a type of shoes called “Etnies”, but they are nothing compared to the Vibram Five Fingers KSOs. I can move my toes extremely well, and if you step on a [...]

Training and Transition: The Sound of Running

by Editor May 22, 2012

There are plenty of Minimalist Running articles that discuss the importance of running with little to no shoe. The main point typically can be summarized in three words: Less is more. In today’s article, we’re still going to focus on wearing less when you run. However, we won’t be talking about shoes. We’re going to focus [...]

Running and Bone Health

by Editor April 24, 2012

When it comes to boosting bone health and fighting off bone problems, weight-bearing exercises are the ideal prevention training approach. According to many studies, weight-bearing exercises—especially running—have proven effects on promoting good bone health and warding off many serious problems such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Nevertheless, many people still held the outdated belief that running [...]

Barefoot at Home – A Conversation

by Editor April 19, 2012

As a forever barefoot lifestyle aficionado, I’ve encountered a number of benefits…and obstacles. The most difficult, by far, is having a spouse who is NOT a barefoot person. Here is a sampling of the kinds of exchanges occurring in our home: “Oh, honey, please take off the work boots at the door. You know I [...]