Introducing Barefoot Running, The Movie

by Editor on July 13, 2012

Barefoot Running had the opportunity to chat with Michael Sandler, co-founder  (with now-wife Jessica Lee) of RunBare, to learn about their new ground-breaking movie, Barefoot Running, The Movie. More than a how-to, this movie is proof in image of the beauty of nature and the power of connecting with the self through the process running [...]



SKORA Running, the newest entry into the expanding universe of minimalist running shoes is already making waves, thanks to slick design, knowledgeable engineering and a driving passion for runners and running. Barefoot Running was fortunate to talk with founder David Sypniewski, a barefoot runner, marketing expert and uncompromising shoe designer. Before we bring you the [...]


LINCHPIN SERIES Barefoot Ted of Luna Sandals

by Editor on November 7, 2011

  Barefoot Running approached the legendary Barefoot Ted to talk about his inspiration, Luna Sandals and the concept of Korima. What transpired was an entertaining, engaging trip through one man’s passion and a story of all the ways he shares it with others.   BR:    When did Luna Sandals launch? BFT:    That’s an interesting story. [...]



by Editor on November 1, 2011

Sockwa is a California based company led by a team of five creative, driven, honest, hard-working people who are following their passion and vision with every new innovation they produce. The company that began on the Southern California Beach Soccer fields has gone global with its four main lines, the newest G2, and the earlier [...]


The excellent UK-based running site RunNatural is focused on promoting all elements of natural running. The site covers topics spanning body movement, core stability, breathing technique as well as a natural and healthy lifestyle, general wellness and enjoyment of life. RunNatural is also dedicated to providing a forum for sharing experiences with like-minded people and learning [...]



by Editor on August 29, 2011

  For this installment of the Linchpin Series, Barefoot Running spoke to Brant, the founder of Branca Running from his home In Portland, Oregon, where he is currently attending chiropractic school (in addition to building his sandal empire). He informed us that he moved there recently from Utah, where got degree in exercise science. BR:  [...]

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Running for Clean Water and Inspiring You

by Editor on August 26, 2011

This is a post provided to Barefoot Running by Daren Wendell, Co-founder and Executive Director of Active Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the world wide water crisis. You can read the first part of this feature here. Often times, I come across athletes who have been running for their entire lives. They have competed [...]


The minimalist running shoe looks set to become a big player in the UK market. How will specialist running shops adapt to this growing trend as runners look to a shoe that allows a more natural running style? I contacted a number of specialist running stores to find out how they were responding to demand. [...]


As part of our Minimalist Linchpin Series, Barefoot Running interviewed Steven Sashen of Invisible Shoes® just prior to the launch of their new FeelTrue lines. What follows if a trip through the mind of Sashen, who loves running and innovation, and who has combined the two into a line of high quality Huarache sandals (stay [...]

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Elliot Bennett loves to run. He’ll probably never tell you so, but you can see it in his eyes. The smile on his face shares with the world what Elliot cannot express through words. Running is Elliot’s passion and his connection with the community around him. Elliot lives with Autism. It’s often difficult for someone [...]


A new breed of footwear store is emerging. The passionate entrepreneurs leading the evolution are runners, life-long footwear pros, biomechanics specialists and even medical professionals. More than a place to buy shoes, these are centers created to help people to be injury-free and improve performance, by providing education and tools to allow the feet to [...]


Grace in Motion

by Editor on June 8, 2011

A popular national columnist and contributing writer, Martha Randolph Carr is the author of Wired, The Sitting Sisters, A Place to Call Home and Live Your Big Adventure. She is also a cancer survivor, Chi runner and picture of grace in motion. The afternoon we were scheduled to talk, she pinged me apologetically that she [...]


Anthony Band, a lifetime runner, decided to give running barefoot a try 18 months ago. While he has had good luck with that so far, he is ready to step it up for his next challenge – running 1,000 miles barefoot! We caught up with Anthony to learn more about this enormous undertaking.


Interview with Barefoot Michael Buttgen

by Abbie on March 30, 2011

Barefoot Michael Buttgen is the Founder & President of the Primalfoot Alliance, a pro-barefoot organization that recently celebrated it’s 1-year anniversary!