Favorite Odd and Amusing Bare Foot-isms

by Editor on March 21, 2012

Ariele has been a passionate barefoot lifestyle advocate for many years. On a whim, she decided to reminisce on her favorite and most humorous barefoot memories. Enjoy!


Weirdest BF Injury:  I broke my toe when I stubbed it on my husband’s work boot. We were moving furniture, and I quite literally kicked his steel-toed foot. He felt awful about it, but since I was the only one in motion at the time, I have to take full blame. (Note to self: Don’t kick things!) Fortunately, it was hardly painful at all, since we were both laughing uncontrollably.

Weirdest Favorite Place to BFR in Bad Weather:  I love to run barefoot around local parks’ kiddy pools. During the drenching rain or cold, they are abandoned and empty, but the cement around and in them is nicely smoothed. Aside from those things, the pool makes a nice measure for counting distance run. Twenty times around the average kiddy pool serves as a nice warm up and then again for a cool down. Another plus – my dog sticks right to me, enjoying the repetitive circling too!

Weirdest Last Resort Place to BFR:  Once when traveling, I stayed in a large city and couldn’t locate any nearby parks, so I ran at a mall. No one stopped me or acted unpleasant as it was early in the day, the mall was nearly empty, and after all, I was in California…

Weirdest Historical BF Fact:  Witches were said to go barefoot. (The connection to early nature religions, of course…) In the movie Bell, Book, and Candle, Kim Novak is a sexy young witch who flaunts bare tootsies. She even runs outside in the snow without shoes at one point. When her old school rival teases her about going sans shoes in classes, Novak extends long gams, slender ankles, and red velvet heels. “I wear them in public now,” she purrs to the captivated Jimmy Stewart.

Weirdest (and Favorite) BFR Benefit:  The more I run barefoot, the easier it is to walk in heels—the balancing on the front of the foot, no doubt.

Weirdest Emotional Response to BFR:  Don’t we all remember running as a child, when it felt almost like being able to “take off” into flight?

Weirdest (and Favorite) BF Karma:  My home has been shoeless for most of my adult life, but I had a brother-in-law who stubbornly wore heavy mud-caked shoes every time he visited. The karmic part? He later married into a Cambodian family. You guessed it, his home is now absolutely shoe-free.

Weirdest BF Accommodation: Cutting the feet out of some knee-high socks so as to have the top of my foot and ankles covered. (None of my leg warmers could be urged down low enough for those areas.) [ED note: Sounds like a new business idea, Ariele!]

Weirdest Comment to my BFR Practice: “You don’t really run without shoes, do you?”  Well, yeah.

Weirdest and Favorite Reaction to BFR:  I was trotting around a kiddy pool in the autumn rain wearing only the soles I was born with when a concerned sprout, who was maybe five years old, asked me if I knew the pool wouldn’t be filled that day. Daddy tried to explain, saying that “sometimes grownups…well, this lady probably…well, it’s not that she doesn’t have shoes…”  Then turning quizzically to me to ask, “Say, do you mind telling me why you are running in the rain without shoes?”

Tell us your odd and amusing BFR stories! Go on, share away. Bare your sole.

Ariele M. Huff

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Tom June 6, 2013 at 1:40 am

Decades ago I discovered that wrist sweat bands kept my hands as warm as cotton gardening gloves. So when my feet started getting cold in komodosports as winter approached, I cut the foot out of a pair of old running socks and they definitely helped.

Ariele October 6, 2015 at 10:08 am

Nice! I’ll have to try that.

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