First Barefoot-Style Running Race this Weekend in Holland

by Megan on May 5, 2011

The first barefoot-style running race in Tilburg, Holland has been announced for May 8th.

Race organizers want to put barefoot-style running on the map and show “that running without corrective shoes and cushioning is possible … and not just for the happy few. Anyone who can walk can run Barefoot-style.”

Runners who want to participate must meet certain criteria, specifically, wearing minimalist shoes from the list of approved footwear including Vibram, Luna, and New Balance. For those who don’t want to run in the race but are interested in learning more about the Barefoot-style running movement, there will be free mini-clinics on Barefoot-style running, minimalist shoes on display, and experts to answer questions.

The race will coincide with a 10k walk but have a separate ranking. Prizes will be awarded by a local running shop.

For more information, visit the race website. Note: you will need to translate it from Dutch to your native language.

Photo Credit: andy_5322 on Flickr

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