Gear Review: Youth Vibram Five Fingers KSO

by Editor on May 29, 2012

Reviewer Profile My name is Sam; I’m 9 years old. When I started wearing these awesome shoes, it felt a bit uncomfortable. I usually wear a type of shoes called “Etnies”, but they are nothing compared to the Vibram Five Fingers KSOs. I can move my toes extremely well, and if you step on a rock you can feel it. I think this is an amazing step in footwear. These shoes simulate the ground. It’s pretty amazing.


Overall, these are a one of the best shoes I’ve ever worn because I can move my toes freely. The shoes look like they separate your toes, but they don’t stretch your toes out in any way. Usually, I’m clumsy when I walk around. I step on things and I get stuff stuck in the heel of my shoe. I’m still clumsy in these, but I don’t get scraped and I don’t get blisters. These shoes don’t have laces, but the way you can adjust the tightening with the Velcro is pretty awesome. It works well, it’s easy and the shoes stay tight on my feet.


The style is really cool and nothing like any other shoes I’ve ever seen before. When I wear my Vibrams, I choose what I wear carefully. They look good with outfits you chill with.

Lots of my friends at school ask, “can you get a pair for me?” and say, “those are so awesome!”

Break In

I did have to break in these shoes. It was hard to get my toes in them at first, and hard to get the Velcro strap to work right. After wearing them for about a week or so, they were easy to put on and comfortable all of the time.

Wear Test

Day One  I was trying them on when my dog ran away. Instead of walking in them to break them in, I just took off running. I didn’t even think twice! I ran on pavement and through woods to get my dog. That first day, the shoes felt pretty bad, but I think that’s because they were brand new and I didn’t have them on quite right.

Day Two  My mom and I went out for a short run to try them out officially. I tried to keep my mind on landing on the middle and front of my foot like she told me. It was a good run and I decided to wear the shoes to school. They felt really good at school. They were so breathable! My feet never got sweaty. The kids at school thought they were really cool, and they all want some too. Even my teacher was really interested. It was great feeling like I was barefooted all day long.

Day Three  I didn’t run with mom this morning, but I am wearing my Vibrams to school again. It’s easier to get my toes in the pockets today! I am running a 3K race this weekend, and I’m thinking about wearing them in the race. Mom says I have to practice in them a bit more this week because I’ve only run 1 mile in them so far (she’s so paranoid about these things!)

Day Four  I’ve been wearing them all week, running and playing in them, and have decided I am going to wear them to race tomorrow. It’s only a 3K, and I’ve run at least a mile in them, so I think it’s going to be fine. They’re so light, I don’t feel like they get in my way at all.

Day Five  I ran the 3K in my Vibrams! It felt awesome. I felt like I could run extra fast in the shoes. When I sprinted through the finish line they felt so easy.

Final Thoughts

I have kept wearing the shoes, and have worn them to run another race that was a 1K. The grownups were really curious about them and asked lots of questions. Even though I know I don’t have to be extra careful when I wear them, I do try to be careful to pay attention to how I’m landing when I run and to keep from stepping on something sharp.

I will definitely keep wearing my Vibrams for having fun and running!

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