Minimalist Shoes: Made for Travelers

by Megan on April 28, 2011

When I travel, I try my best to stay active. But I’ll admit that when it comes time to edit my packing list, heavy fitness gear is usually the first item to hit my “leave at home” pile. Right now, I’m in Belize for three months, living out of my backpack, which made me think about how travel-friendly minimalist shoes are!

Leave those big, heavy boots at home!

  • Minimalist shoes are lightweight. Depending on shoe size and model, they weigh about 8.5 ounces. Additionally, they take up almost no room in a backpack and don’t require socks, which leaves extra room in your bag.
  • Minimalist shoes are a treat for feet. After a long plane, train, or bus ride, feet can feel cramped and swollen. A few minutes of walking around in in these shoes can help to stretch the muscles and reduce cramping.
  • Minimalist shoes are versatile. I often carry one pair of water shoes (like Tevas) and another pair of shoes for trekking, but shoes like Vibrams are the ideal hybrid. I can wear them for water sports like kayaking, caving, tubing, and exploring rivers. The shoes protect my feet from rocks and sun, and they dry quickly. Then, I can easily transition them to a trekking shoe.
  • Minimalist shoes are conversation starters. A great way to break the ice at hostels, barefoot shoes are guaranteed conversation starters. A lot of people will have questions about your unique footwear.
  • Minimalist shoes will get you active. Now you have no excuse not to get out of your hotel room and run, sprint, walk, or just explore. Whether you’re on the beach, the streets, or in a park, Barefoot Shoes are great travel companions.

Always be sure to use caution when running or exploring an unknown route in an unfamiliar place!

Photo Credit: katclay on Flickr

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