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by Abbie on December 7, 2010

In the My First Time series, we will be revisiting barefoot runners’ first times sans shoes. ¬†We would love to hear about your “first time”! Send an email to to share!

Bryan Bingham is a Chiropractor in Indianapolis, who had been running in his Vibrams for about 6 months when I caught up with him. Considering himself a novice, I asked him to simply tell me about his barefooting experience thus far, and I think you will find it is an experience that many novice’s can relate to!

For years I’ve been a big structure guy. Going through chiropractic school I was learning that we needed to force the foot to do what we wanted it to do. For years I made custom orthotics for patients and recommended structured shoes for anyone with even the slightest arch drop.

The more I thought about this approach, the more I realized that it went against many of the basic principles of chiropractic, first and foremost that the body knows best. Since making this change of heart, I’ve been looking into different running styles and running barefoot simply make sense.

I had dinner this weekend with a friend who is a sports physician and he mentioned that their seeing a increase in injuries due to barefoot running. In my opinion the reason for this is two fold; first people are starting two fast, as I did and second barefoot running is different and physicians are slow to adopt new theories (stereotype I know).

I bought my first pair of VFF about six months ago and tried the treadmill first. Ran four miles and felt great. Next I ran 6 outside and couldn’t walk for three days due to lateral calf pain. I have since backed off on distance and I rotate in
my Nike Free, but still run with a forefoot strike.

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