New iPhone App for Runners: My Racing Schedule

by Abbie on April 23, 2011

There is a newly released iPhone application that every runner is going to want to check out! My Racing Schedule allows users to keep track of their races (and friends’ races!) on their iPhone, whether they are connected to the internet or not.

Ted Liao, also known as Ultraholics Runner, announced the app today on his Facebook page, stating,

My Racing Schedule iPhone App is here. FREE download. This thing is awesome. The social race list organizer. It even works where Internet doesn’t.

I for one love it when someone creates an amazing app and then releases it for free, like the SoCal Ragnar Relay Android app we posted about earlier this month. To me, it shows that the developer has a genuine interest in creating something useful for the intended audience, not necessarily about making money.

I found the app to be very easy to use.  You simply input your race, date, and website, and it will not only list the races, but show how many days are left until race day. You can also add your results post-race. Another useful feature is that it has a built in browser, so if you want to check out the race’s website (after you put that information in of course), you just click and it comes up without leaving the application.

My only suggestion would be an additional feature that allows you to search for upcoming races in your area.

I should also note that you must login with your Facebook and allow the app to access your basic information, even if you don’t plan on posting your races on your wall (From – “This app will NEVER publish anything to your stream without your approval.”).

Download My Racing Schedule for FREE at the iTunes store.

The photo is a screenshot from the iTunes store.

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Jan July 5, 2011 at 6:13 pm

WT* you need Facebook to use this app???? Worthless.

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