Proprioception in Action

by Editor on December 12, 2011

kigo footwear has sent one of its co-founders and her new husband (Kristin and Marco) on a year-long, 20 country travel adventure. Dubbed “Vamos Kigo,” this tour duo are avid travelers and hikers. (“Vamos” is Spanish for “we go” or “let’s go” – appropriate because the kigo footwear blog and tribe are dubbed “wego kigo”.) This team is traveling through Asia, Europe and South America with a backpack on their shoulders and kigos on their feet.

Kristin and Marco love each other. They love adventure. And they love discovering new people, places and food everywhere they travel. You can follow them at Vamos Kigo.

Proprioception Fun in China

Recently, while in Macau, China, Kristin and Marco came across a rocky pedestrian path. It provided the inspiration to show *proprioception in traditional trainers, kigo drives and barefoot.

In the video they show the proprioception provided by each shod state. It’s a clear example of how padding on our shoes acts like a buffer between our bodies and the environment.


Proprioception (from Latin proprius, meaning “one’s own,” and perception) is one of the human senses. It is the sense of the orientation of one’s limbs in space.

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