barefoot living

The Power of Touch and Our Feet

by Alex on February 7, 2011

Your foot is a puzzle. It is composed of toes, tendons, ligaments and bones, each of which play an intricate part in keeping you grounded. Without all of these parts working together, movement would be painful, if not impossible, creating a convincing argument that we must treat our feet with compassion. Especially as a runner, [...]


How to Go Barefoot in the Office

by Abbie on November 15, 2010

Guest post by Renne Gardner You’re not a lifeguard. You’re not barefoot survivalist Cody Lundin. Unlike lifeguards and Mr. Lundin (co-star of the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival), you are likely to have an office job where shoes are mandatory, but the Manolo Blahnik high heels pinch your toes. And the Oxford dress shoes are rubbing [...]