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Barefoot Running with Dogs

by Editor on July 17, 2012

Barefoot running and dogs are intertwined for me. My dogs have been a major excuse for lots of time walking and running. That means a lot of my running is done in dog parks or dog friendly places. Naturally, I meet many dogs in bare or minimally clad feet. I look for the best spots—good [...]


Introducing Barefoot Running, The Movie

by Editor on July 13, 2012

Barefoot Running had the opportunity to chat with Michael Sandler, co-founder  (with now-wife Jessica Lee) of RunBare, to learn about their new ground-breaking movie, Barefoot Running, The Movie. More than a how-to, this movie is proof in image of the beauty of nature and the power of connecting with the self through the process running [...]


Favorite Odd and Amusing Bare Foot-isms

by Editor on March 21, 2012

Ariele has been a passionate barefoot lifestyle advocate for many years. On a whim, she decided to reminisce on her favorite and most humorous barefoot memories. Enjoy!   Weirdest BF Injury:  I broke my toe when I stubbed it on my husband’s work boot. We were moving furniture, and I quite literally kicked his steel-toed [...]


Your Barefoot Running Questions and Answers

by Editor on January 6, 2012

Over the course of 2011, we saw thousands of barefoot running enthusiasts engage with this site. As we plan the content that we will provide in 2012, we have this excellent group of you in mind. In an effort to bring you topics that are relevant, timely, educational and entertaining, we’d like to know what [...]


Preventing Barefoot Running Injury

by Editor on December 8, 2011

Barefoot running has gained wide name recognition among runners of all sorts. As more runners discover this type of running, many decide to move to a true minimalist shoe or to ditch shoes for good. And yet, while it can be a wonder for many, barefoot running is not entirely safe from injury. Barefoot running [...]


Barefoot Running for Beginners

by Editor on November 30, 2011

Over the course of the past two years, the concept and practice of barefoot running has picked up tremendous recognition and acceptance. For runners and non-runners alike, the allure of lightening up and getting back to the simplicity of trotting barefooted like a child has real intrigue. Ironically, a return to this childlike means of [...]



by Editor on November 1, 2011

Sockwa is a California based company led by a team of five creative, driven, honest, hard-working people who are following their passion and vision with every new innovation they produce. The company that began on the Southern California Beach Soccer fields has gone global with its four main lines, the newest G2, and the earlier [...]


Footwear Review: Sockwa G2

by Editor on October 31, 2011

As a barefoot/minimalist runner, I run over 85% of my miles barefoot.  I am very particular about any “shoes” that I wear for a run.  In extreme weather (hot or cold), I will run in huaraches.  For very rugged trails or gravel levees I might wear Vibram KSOs.  The Sockwa G2 offers something in-between. When [...]


Barefoot Josh and His Excellent Dictionary

by Editor on October 24, 2011

There are many cool things about the uptake in barefoot running, but perhaps the coolest is that it is a cerebral take on an athletic pursuit. It requires thoughtfulness, a sense of place in the environment, an awareness of the physical self and a heightened level of personal care (i.e., not relying on external tools [...]

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Recently, an article published in the fitness and outdoor industry trade SNEWS profiled and interviewed Gert-Peter Brüggemann. Dr. Bruggemann is a former national class gymnast turned biomechanics professor. He is also an avid runner and consultant to running shoe companies, including Brooks. (He was the consulting researcher behind the Brooks Running PureProject.) Combining his athletic [...]


Aging Bare Feet

by Editor on August 22, 2011

Raised to go barefoot as much as possible, I’ve gone through each stage of life making some accommodations and concessions, but reaping some victories as well. While I’ve shed my shoes whenever possible at school and jobs, I know when to tuck my toes into something approved by society. Bare feet were usually okay under [...]


Review – Luna Sandals Equus

by Editor on July 20, 2011

Jordan Flowers conducted this review in June and July 2011. He is primarily a road runner who shoots for 30-40 miles per week, consisting of 4-7 per day during the week and a 12-18 mile long run on the weekends. Jordan does nearly all his running in a pair of Vibram Bikilas and has just [...]


Here Come the Barefoot Brits

by Editor on July 18, 2011

In the UK, we can get wrapped up in our own little world. But with TweetDeck showing every #barefootrunning and #vibramfivefingers tweet, and facebook alerting every time someone posts in our favourite barefoot running group, you would think the whole world has gone barefoot crazy. Of course it hasn’t really, but it seems that runners [...]


Barefoot Running, Asana – It is all Yoga

by Editor on July 15, 2011

I recently wrote about how our activities define us and outlined how yoga can enhance your running program. This made me dig deeper into my life and my yoga. It made me think about overlap in all of the activities in which I partake on a regular basis. As a yoga practitioner for the last [...]