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Barefoot Josh and His Excellent Dictionary

by Editor on October 24, 2011

There are many cool things about the uptake in barefoot running, but perhaps the coolest is that it is a cerebral take on an athletic pursuit. It requires thoughtfulness, a sense of place in the environment, an awareness of the physical self and a heightened level of personal care (i.e., not relying on external tools [...]

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Here Come the Barefoot Brits

by Editor on July 18, 2011

In the UK, we can get wrapped up in our own little world. But with TweetDeck showing every #barefootrunning and #vibramfivefingers tweet, and facebook alerting every time someone posts in our favourite barefoot running group, you would think the whole world has gone barefoot crazy. Of course it hasn’t really, but it seems that runners [...]


Barefoot Terminology 101

by Summer on June 10, 2010

New to barefoot running? Checking out the articles on our site? Chances are you’re seeing some terms used over and over and you are wondering what they mean. Understanding the language of running – especially barefoot running – is important. Knowing how to correctly apply the technique is essential for you to make a successful [...]

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Welcome to Barefoot Running!

by Abbie on May 5, 2010

Welcome to Barefoot Running, the website dedicated to sharing the joys of barefoot running, as well as how to properly transition to barefoot running.  

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