Naked Foot 5K Race Series Expands for 2012

by Editor on January 30, 2012

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It’s not just about the barefoot movement, it’s about the movement movement.   Something special happened six years ago on a bluebird snowboarding day. Two exercise physiology professionals named Lauren and Scott met in the single riders line, rode up (and down…and up and down) the mountain together and started something that has become a [...]


The minimalist running shoe looks set to become a big player in the UK market. How will specialist running shops adapt to this growing trend as runners look to a shoe that allows a more natural running style? I contacted a number of specialist running stores to find out how they were responding to demand. [...]


The Minimalist Revolution Has Arrived

by Editor on August 9, 2011

Something happened this past week that we thought you might be interested in hearing about. Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (aka ORSM) occurred in Salt Lake City (and surrounding mountain glory). Yours truly was there as an exhibitor for kigo footwear (small fact, I’m a co-founder of kigo – which is why you’ll never find me [...]