Huarache sandals

Invisible Shoe Becomes Xero

by Editor on July 30, 2012

Invisible Shoe is rebranding itself as Xero Shoes. Having sold  22,000 pairs of Invisible Shoes to people in over 72 countries, founder Steven Sashen is renaming his Boulder, CO based company and taking a new focus on retail. This two year old company has found success as the most minimal running shoe available – a proprietary [...]


As part of our Minimalist Linchpin Series, Barefoot Running interviewed Steven Sashen of Invisible Shoes® just prior to the launch of their new FeelTrue lines. What follows if a trip through the mind of Sashen, who loves running and innovation, and who has combined the two into a line of high quality Huarache sandals (stay [...]

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Review – Luna Sandals Equus

by Editor on July 20, 2011

Jordan Flowers conducted this review in June and July 2011. He is primarily a road runner who shoots for 30-40 miles per week, consisting of 4-7 per day during the week and a 12-18 mile long run on the weekends. Jordan does nearly all his running in a pair of Vibram Bikilas and has just [...]


My Experience Making Huarache Sandals

by Abbie on September 30, 2010

I first heard about huaraches like most other runners – from reading about the sandals that the Tarahumara Indians wore in the barefoot running book Born to Run. Then I found Huarache sandals in which Steven Sashen sells both do-it-yourself kits and pre-made customized huaraches.


Barefoot Walking has Benefits, too!

by Summer on July 15, 2010

When you start out as a new barefoot runner, chances are you’ll start by just walking, at least if you follow our advice! Most of the information provided on our site assumes you will one day make the transition to running barefoot, and that you are probably already a shod runner.  But you certainly don’t [...]


The Classic and Spring Vibram Five Fingers styles

Even if you are convinced of the many benefits of barefoot running, and want to see if barefoot running will improve your pace and technique, you may still be a bit concerned about making the transition. Maybe you normally run on rough terrain, like rocky trails, or in urban settings where you can’t be sure [...]

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