Three Steps for Healthy Running Recovery

by Editor on April 17, 2012

Proper running recovery, especially after a hard running session, is critical yet often overlooked by most runners. Yet, what a runner does in the hours following a running session is vital as the training itself for improving performance and athletic prowess. Not only that, proper running recovery reduces soreness, lessens discomfort, and wards off a [...]

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A Safety Kit for the Barefoot Runner

by Editor on December 5, 2011

Last summer I was running barefoot on a beach in Sozopol, Bulgaria, enjoying the early morning August sun, the lapping of waves on the beach, the cool breeze in my hair, the soft crunch of sand between my toes—you know, all the reasons we love to take our shoes off at the beach—when I stepped [...]


Barefoot Running for Beginners

by Editor on November 30, 2011

Over the course of the past two years, the concept and practice of barefoot running has picked up tremendous recognition and acceptance. For runners and non-runners alike, the allure of lightening up and getting back to the simplicity of trotting barefooted like a child has real intrigue. Ironically, a return to this childlike means of [...]