Testing the Theory: Shod vs. Barefoot Speed

by Editor on November 14, 2011

A few people have noted in various blogs and articles that runners who decide to go barefoot sacrifice speed. I set out to test the theory. Here’s what happened. Five years ago, I started racing. In my first race, the 2006 Cowtown Half Marathon (now the Urban Cow) in Sacramento, California, I set a 1:50:05 [...]


Petition to Give Fauja Singh His Record

by Editor on October 25, 2011

You probably have read the stories of the amazing Fauja Singh, who recently finished a marathon at age 100, making him the oldest marathoner on record. The Centenarian gained attention across the globe when he completed the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in over eight hours on Oct. 16. As reported yesterday, however, there will not be [...]


2010 NYC Marathon Time Lapse Video

by Abbie on November 11, 2010

The music is a little elevatoresque, but the video is pretty cool.


Looking for a Fall Race?

by Danielle on September 7, 2010

With temperatures starting to drop and less daylight everyday, fall is coming, and bringing with it a crop of fabulous races! Fall—with its lower but still moderate temperatures—is a particularly good time to race barefoot because manmade and natural surfaces alike will be both pliable and cool, an ideal combination for those running barefoot and [...]