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SKORA Running, the newest entry into the expanding universe of minimalist running shoes is already making waves, thanks to slick design, knowledgeable engineering and a driving passion for runners and running. Barefoot Running was fortunate to talk with founder David Sypniewski, a barefoot runner, marketing expert and uncompromising shoe designer. Before we bring you the [...]


Shoeless in Seattle

by Editor on December 14, 2011

As a Barefoot devotee, I face all the same daily decisions as my shod friends: what, when, where to eat, drink, exercise, and work—and how to dress for each. Loving the barefoot lifestyle begs the question: How close to shoeless can a girl’s day be? I decided to count it up including my reasons for [...]


Barefoot Trail Running 101

by Summer on July 1, 2010

Once you have the fundamentals of barefoot running down, notice that your stride and cadence are changing, and can feel that your feet are tougher and your eyes are more alert to where you step, you might be tempted to get off the sidewalk, the treadmill, or the track and onto the trails. There’s no [...]