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Proprioception in Action

by Editor on December 12, 2011

kigo footwear has sent one of its co-founders and her new husband (Kristin and Marco) on a year-long, 20 country travel adventure. Dubbed “Vamos Kigo,” this tour duo are avid travelers and hikers. (“Vamos” is Spanish for “we go” or “let’s go” – appropriate because the kigo footwear blog and tribe are dubbed “wego kigo”.) This [...]

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Barefoot Running for Beginners

by Editor on November 30, 2011

Over the course of the past two years, the concept and practice of barefoot running has picked up tremendous recognition and acceptance. For runners and non-runners alike, the allure of lightening up and getting back to the simplicity of trotting barefooted like a child has real intrigue. Ironically, a return to this childlike means of [...]


The average price of a traditional running shoe from a mainstream running brand is between $85 and $95. The average price of a pair of barefoot shoes is $90-$120. The average mileage of a traditional running shoe from a mainstream running brand is 400 miles. An aqua shoe might get you 120 miles. A good minimalist [...]


Minimalist Shoes: Made for Travelers

by Megan on April 28, 2011

When I travel, I try my best to stay active. But I’ll admit that when it comes time to edit my packing list, heavy fitness gear is usually the first item to hit my “leave at home” pile. Right now, I’m in Belize for three months, living out of my backpack, which made me think [...]


One of the major reasons people don’t spend more time barefoot in public places is because they (along with business owners) think that it’s illegal. Businesses can have their own dress code, but most “laws” are actually more like recommendations.


My First Time: Dr. Bryan Bingham

Post image for My First Time:  Dr. Bryan Bingham

by Abbie on December 7, 2010

In the My First Time series, we will be revisiting barefoot runners’ first times sans shoes.  We would love to hear about your “first time”! Send an email to to share! Bryan Bingham is a Chiropractor in Indianapolis, who had been running in his Vibrams for about 6 months when I caught up with [...]


Looking for a Fall Race?

by Danielle on September 7, 2010

With temperatures starting to drop and less daylight everyday, fall is coming, and bringing with it a crop of fabulous races! Fall—with its lower but still moderate temperatures—is a particularly good time to race barefoot because manmade and natural surfaces alike will be both pliable and cool, an ideal combination for those running barefoot and [...]


Barefoot Walking has Benefits, too!

by Summer on July 15, 2010

When you start out as a new barefoot runner, chances are you’ll start by just walking, at least if you follow our advice! Most of the information provided on our site assumes you will one day make the transition to running barefoot, and that you are probably already a shod runner.  But you certainly don’t [...]


Barefoot Terminology 101

by Summer on June 10, 2010

New to barefoot running? Checking out the articles on our site? Chances are you’re seeing some terms used over and over and you are wondering what they mean. Understanding the language of running – especially barefoot running – is important. Knowing how to correctly apply the technique is essential for you to make a successful [...]

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The Classic and Spring Vibram Five Fingers styles

Even if you are convinced of the many benefits of barefoot running, and want to see if barefoot running will improve your pace and technique, you may still be a bit concerned about making the transition. Maybe you normally run on rough terrain, like rocky trails, or in urban settings where you can’t be sure [...]

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Welcome to Barefoot Running!

by Abbie on May 5, 2010

Welcome to Barefoot Running, the website dedicated to sharing the joys of barefoot running, as well as how to properly transition to barefoot running.  

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