Naked Foot 5K Race Series Expands for 2012

by Editor on January 30, 2012

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It’s not just about the barefoot movement, it’s about the movement movement.   Something special happened six years ago on a bluebird snowboarding day. Two exercise physiology professionals named Lauren and Scott met in the single riders line, rode up (and down…and up and down) the mountain together and started something that has become a [...]


Testing the Theory: Shod vs. Barefoot Speed

by Editor on November 14, 2011

A few people have noted in various blogs and articles that runners who decide to go barefoot sacrifice speed. I set out to test the theory. Here’s what happened. Five years ago, I started racing. In my first race, the 2006 Cowtown Half Marathon (now the Urban Cow) in Sacramento, California, I set a 1:50:05 [...]


The first barefoot-style running race in Tilburg, Holland has been announced for May 8th.