Barefoot Running with Dogs

by Editor on July 17, 2012

Barefoot running and dogs are intertwined for me. My dogs have been a major excuse for lots of time walking and running. That means a lot of my running is done in dog parks or dog friendly places. Naturally, I meet many dogs in bare or minimally clad feet. I look for the best spots—good [...]


Three Steps for Healthy Running Recovery

by Editor on April 17, 2012

Proper running recovery, especially after a hard running session, is critical yet often overlooked by most runners. Yet, what a runner does in the hours following a running session is vital as the training itself for improving performance and athletic prowess. Not only that, proper running recovery reduces soreness, lessens discomfort, and wards off a [...]

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Gear Review – Vibram Five Fingers SeeYa

by Editor on April 9, 2012

Jordan Flowers – I am primarily a road runner. I shoot for 30-40 miles per week, consisting of 4-7 per day during the week and a 12-18 mile long run on the weekends. I do nearly all my running in a pair of Vibram Bikilas and have just recently started looking for something less padded. [...]


My Barefoot Homey

by Editor on April 5, 2012

An interesting thing happened this week. I’ve been at the beach with my children and mom, enjoying some much-desired and rare downtime. Every morning as the sun came up, I was seduced by the siren song of the ocean, calling me to run on the sand. Mile after mile, I felt like I was flying, [...]

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Breathe Like an Athlete

by Editor on April 3, 2012

Proper breathing technique is critical for improving stamina and getting the most out of every training session. Breathing the right way will make out of you a more proficient and effective runner. Doing so helps you run more, with less fatigue and injury. Nevertheless, most runners struggle to find the ideal breathing pattern. This is [...]


Barefoot, Just for the Fun of It

by Editor on March 29, 2012

The Complete Idiot

Pretty much every week, three times a week, for the last year I have put on my headphones, selected a playlist, turned up the volume and gone out for a little run. Barefoot, of course. Before last year, I hadn’t been a runner. I hadn’t even been someone who was particularly active. (Not since those [...]

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Jordan Flowers is primarily a road runner who runs 30-40 miles per week, consisting of 4-7 per day during the week and a 12-18 mile long run on the weekends.  Jordan does most of his running in a pair of Vibram Bikilas and has recently started looking for something less padded. He races on average [...]

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Are you a multi-sport athlete? Do you enjoy a game of basketball, volleyball, or soccer as much as a nice morning long-run? If so, you probably recognize the benefits of having a well-rounded workout schedule. In addition to running, you work on explosive movements, squats, jumps, wind-sprints, crunches, and countless other activities that prepare your [...]



SKORA Running, the newest entry into the expanding universe of minimalist running shoes is already making waves, thanks to slick design, knowledgeable engineering and a driving passion for runners and running. Barefoot Running was fortunate to talk with founder David Sypniewski, a barefoot runner, marketing expert and uncompromising shoe designer. Before we bring you the [...]


Footwear Review: Sockwa G2

by Editor on October 31, 2011

As a barefoot/minimalist runner, I run over 85% of my miles barefoot.  I am very particular about any “shoes” that I wear for a run.  In extreme weather (hot or cold), I will run in huaraches.  For very rugged trails or gravel levees I might wear Vibram KSOs.  The Sockwa G2 offers something in-between. When [...]


Kids at Risk

by Editor on October 14, 2011

All of us fall into one of a couple of categories. Child, adolescent or adult. Within that last one, you could also be sub categorized as a parent or elderly individual. I’m not spouting anything new here. The point of this is to say that almost all of us have a responsibility to children – [...]


Running for Clean Water

by Editor on August 22, 2011

In the coming weeks, we’ll bring you an inspiring piece from Daren Wendell, Executive Director of Active:Water. In preparation for that incredible information, we want to introduce you to this group and their efforts. We hope that you are as inspired as we are by the story and mission of Daren and his team. Active:Water [...]


Kicking the Running Shoe Addiction

by Editor on August 18, 2011

They say running can become an addiction. Whether you are hooked on speed or you get your fix from increasing distance, you know that running has a hold on you. Like any good addict, you’ve got your paraphernalia of choice. You’ve probably got a case of Gu or other energy gel in the closet. You’ve [...]


The minimalist running shoe looks set to become a big player in the UK market. How will specialist running shops adapt to this growing trend as runners look to a shoe that allows a more natural running style? I contacted a number of specialist running stores to find out how they were responding to demand. [...]