running barefoot

A Safety Kit for the Barefoot Runner

by Editor on December 5, 2011

Last summer I was running barefoot on a beach in Sozopol, Bulgaria, enjoying the early morning August sun, the lapping of waves on the beach, the cool breeze in my hair, the soft crunch of sand between my toes—you know, all the reasons we love to take our shoes off at the beach—when I stepped [...]


Choosing a Barefoot Running Surface

by Barefoot Runner on April 6, 2010

Getting used to various surfaces when barefoot running takes time. Most barefoot runners discover that while they slowly transition, alternating terrains is one method of becoming accustomed to a variety of surfaces. Each type of terrain has its pros and cons. The following guide, partially adapted from the barefoot running book will help you differentiate [...]

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Is Barefoot Running for Me?

by Barefoot Runner on March 22, 2010

Begin barefoot running on grass

It’s not as odd as it may sound. After all, humans have been running for thousands of years, and long before the invention of shoes. Even today, some of the top runners – both on the track and long distance – train and even race without shoes. The famous Zola Budd raced without shoes, and [...]