Minimalist & Barefoot Running

Discover your natural potential

Natural Running Form Coaching, Gait Analysis, & Training Plans

Enhance your form with online gait analysis while working with a professional running form coach to help you reach your natural running goals. Recreational, competitive, and elite runners can benefit from enhancing their form to reduce injury, run more efficiently, increase proprioception, and gradually improve their overall running program. Never has this service been offered online, so we are setting a high standard and will be learning as much as you as we continue. We are also open to evaluating and coaching individual runners or teams. Please do contact us to discuss possibilities.
Currently our natural form coaching is in beta. This means that you can benefit from our services as we learn together. We'll not only help you perfect your form, but help you gain the know-how and confidence to fully and safely reach your running goals. Once your order is placed, we'll contact you on what to do next. Save a whopping 30% on your entire purchase if you enjoyed and left a review on for The Complete Idiot's Guide to Barefoot Running! This also applies to our barefoot running gear items. Just email us for the code!
Bronze Package: Initial Program
Initial Personalized Video Gait Analysis
Detailed Email Report
30-Minute Phone Consultation
Direct Email Availability

Price: $129

Silver Package: One Week Program
Two Personalized Video Gait Analyses
Detailed Email Report
Two 30-minute Phone Consultations
Direct Email Availability
Minimalist Shoe Prescription

Price: $229

Gold Package: Two Week Program
Four Personalized Video Gait Analyses
Detailed Email Report
Four Phone Consultations
Continual Direct Email Availability
Minimalist Shoe Prescription
Running Objectives Evaluated
Gait Rehabilitation Program (if needed)
Customized Training Plan (5K, 10K, Half-Marathon)

Price: $329