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Barefoot Running | Minimalist & Natural Running
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Run Naturally - The Barefoot Running Book | A Complete Guide
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Reviews of Barefoot Shoes | Minimalist & Barefoot Running Shoes
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Barefoot Running Blog | Learn about Natural Fitness
Barefoot Running 101
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Barefoot Trail Running 101
Meet the Revolution Foot Doc (aka Kyle Roberts, C. Ped.)
Grace in Motion
First Barefoot-Style Running Race this Weekend in Holland
Minimalist Shoes: Made for Traveling Barefoot Runners
Barefoot and the Law
New iPhone App for Runners: My Racing Schedule
A Walking Vipassana Meditation
Man from the U.K. to Run 1,000 Miles Barefoot
Growing Up Barefoot
New Android App for SoCal Ragnar Relay
A Blackfoot Story: Running After The Buffalo
Interview with Barefoot Michael Buttgen
What Motivates Me: Megan Wood
Naked Foot 5K National Barefoot Race Series
Gear Review: Vibram FiveFingers
Too Shy to Run Barefoot?
Exploring Europe's Barefoot Parks
The Miracle of Bare Feet
The Ongoing Revival Of Native American Running Traditions
Esperanza 5K - America's Most Barefoot Friendly Race?
Listen to your Body, Not your Ego
The Best Christmas Present I Never Asked For
Bring Focus into Any Exercise
Interview with Patton Gleason from Natural Running Store
The Power of Touch and Our Feet
Race Report: David Wronski Runs Brazil 135 in Vibrams (Part 2)
Race Report: David Wronski Runs Brazil 135 in Vibrams
VIDEO: CBSNews Reports on Barefoot Running
Giveaway: Pedometer Running App
Barefoot Running's First Year-in-Review
Need a Foot Massage?
Barefoot Walking has Benefits, too!
10 Yoga Poses for Runners: Hips and Legs
First Race in Vibrams, First Race in Korea
Barefoot Runner to Attempt Brazil 135 Ultramarathon
My First Time: Dr. Bryan Bingham
7 Apps for Any Runner
Interview with David Sypniewski of Skora Running
Barefoot Running Experiences on Three Continents
Video: Slow Motion Foot Strike
How to Go Barefoot in the Office
2010 NYC Marathon Time Lapse Video
I'm a Barefoot Runner: Caleb Wilson
Running the Ragnar Relay – No shoes required.
Review: ZEM booties
Tips for Barefoot Running in the Winter
The Foot Tradition of the Hopi
Win a trip to the The North Face Ultra in France from Vibram!
Barefoot Running's First Affiliate Relationship
3 Great "Shoe" Choices for Transitioning to Barefoot Running
10 Reasons to Ditch Your Sneakers
The Endurance Legacy Of the Tendai Marathon Monks
Beginner's Guide to Barefoot Running
Common Foot Injuries & How Barefoot Running Can Help
Medical Reasons to NOT Run Barefoot
The Running Traditions Of The Tarahumara
Barefoot Running Contests and Giveaways | Win Vibram FiveFingers
Cross Training for Barefoot Runners
When the Weather Gets Cooler, Run Indoors!
My Experience Making Huarache Sandals
Pool Basics 101
The Legendary Kalenjin: Kenya’s Running Tribe
Want to Run a Fall Race?
Running with Bare Feet and Bare Paws
Got an Idea? Share it with Us!
Why I Run in Newtons
Summer Hydration Guide for Runners
Video: The Barefoot Professor
Choosing the Right Running Surface
Weathering Your Barefoot Runs
Barefoot Terminology 101
Introduction to Barefoot Running
Foot Exercises for Barefoot Runners
Vibram Sizing | Vibram Size Chart
Is Barefoot Running for Me?
10 Barefoot Runners to Follow on Twitter
How Barefoot Running Helps Common Running Injuries
Things to Consider Before Competing Barefoot
RACE Helps a Community Share the Joy of Running
When Ignorance Isn't Bliss
The Minimalist Dilemma: Less (Shoe), More (Cost)?
Barefoot: Is it Form or Footwear?
Enhance Your Running Practice with Yoga
Saucony Kinvara Shoe Review
Here Come the Barefoot Brits | Barefoot Running in the UK
Barefoot Running, Asana it is all Yoga
Soul Baring | Connecting with the Earth Barefoot
Kicking the Running Shoe Addiction | The Ratio Method
The minimalist shoe and the specialist running store
The Minimalist Revolution Has Arrived
Interview with Steven Sashen of Invisible Shoes
Luna Sandals Equus Review
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Natural Running Form Coach | Gait Analysis and Training Plans
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